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How to Use Simulations to Bring Your eLearning to Life

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Presenter(s): Rick Nigol and Michael Grant

45 Minutes

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In a previous webinar, we looked at strategies for keeping your online learners engaged (July 6, 2006). The focus was on developing strategies for an active learning approach (learning-by-doing). Well, there is no better way to foster active learning than through the use of simulations.

Simulations provide learners with realistic scenarios in which they must analyze situations, make decisions, and, ultimately, solve problems. They make the learning realistic, contextual and applied. Simulations foster an experiential learning cycle: explore - experience - reflect - apply.

This webinar will present ideas on how you can use simulations to help bring your eLearning to life.

Presenters: Rick Nigol, Co-founder and Director of Education, and Michael Grant, Co-founder and Director of Research, eLearn Campus

With Special Guest: James Chisholm, Co-founder and Principal, ExperiencePoint

At this 45-minute webinar, you will:

  • Explore the ways in which simulations foster active learning
  • Discover the key ingredients that make simulations effective
  • Experience a live demonstration of a simulation about change management (ExperienceChange)
  • Participate in a live Q&A with Rick, Michael and James

  • Rick NigolMichael GrantJames Chisholm