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Budgets Paint a Picture: How to Use the Budgeting Process to Set Your eLearning Strategy

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Presenter(s): Rick Nigol and Michael Grant

45 Minutes

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Many organizations use the September to December period to plan and budget for the next fiscal year. This is the time when people may consider putting money in their budgets to develop eLearning. The main challenge that they face is that there is no one way of doing eLearning. Also, they may not have done online learning before, so they end up budgeting for the wrong thing (usually technology) at the wrong time (at the beginning before they have figured out what they will do with the technology).

Sensible budgeting is a critical component of successful eLearning management. In this webinar, we will not tell you how to fill in a spreadsheet; you probably already know how to do that. Rather we will discuss how to base your budget on sensible approaches to eLearning planning and management.

Presenters: Michael Grant, Co-founder and Director of Research, eLearn Campus and Rick Nigol, Co-founder and Director of Education

At this 45-minute webinar, you will:

  • Review the key challenges in budgeting for online learning
  • Discover the important components of an eLearning budget and when to budget for them
  • Find out how to appropriately use financial techniques (Return-on-Investment, Internal Rates of Return) to provide reasonable budget assumptions
  • Participate in a live Q&A with Michael and Rick

  • Rick NigolMichael Grant