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Blended Learning: How to Get the Right Mix

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Despite all the hype about eLearning, it still only makes up a small percentage of the training budget for most organizations. We are still in the early stages in the life of eLearning (one wise sage said it is only five minutes past midnight on the first day of eLearning), and most training professionals are still trying to find their way with this new way of teaching and learning. The classroom model has been around for centuries and still prevails. It is what we know, and what gives us comfort. Done correctly, it still delivers results.

However, really innovative organizations are combining different training methods (classroom and online, synchronous and asynchronous, supported and self-serve) to realize their goals. When done well, blended learning approaches allow you to optimize the advantages of each separate training method so that the sum is greater than the parts. When done poorly, however, blended learning duplicates effort, and increases cost and complexity.

This webinar will explore why you may wish to explore blended learning, and how to decide which training modalities are best for which learning goals. It also looks at a number of case examples where a blended approach is appropriate.

We will be joined by special guest Chris McCain, Educational Analyst for Aspirus Wausau Hospital in Wisconsin. She will talk about their experience in using a blended learning approach for electronic medical records training.

Presenters: Rick Nigol, Co-founder and Director of Education, and Jon-Anthony Lui, Director of Learning Solutions, eLearn Campus

Special Guest: Chris McCain, Educational Analyst, Aspirus Wausau Hospital

At this 45-minute webinar you will:

  • Discover how learning goals drive decisions on your blended learning mix
  • Explore how best to integrate different training approaches and avoid common mistakes in blended learning
  • See examples of blended approaches in a number of different sectors
  • Participate in a live Q&A with Rick, Jon-Anthony and Chris

  • Rick NigolJon Anthony LuiChris McCain