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Driving Higher Adoption for Your eLearning Through A "Four A" Approach

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Our regular webinar attendees know that we take a value approach to eLearning that is grounded in adoption. You can design the most beautiful eLearning course in the world and if no one shows up it isn't particularly valuable. The value of all eLearning is based on adoption, the subsequent transformation of the adoptees and their post-training behaviors. But how do you know who is likely to adopt and how do you manage adoption based on the characteristics of the target learners?

eLearn Campus has developed a system for managing adoption based on four criteria (which we call the four A's of Adoption). These include accessibility, attitudes, ability and appropriateness. In this webinar, we will discuss the four A's and how you can use this approach to drive your approach to adoption.

Presenters: Michael Grant, Co-founder and Director of Research, eLearn Campus and Rick Nigol, Co-founder and Director of Education

At this 45-minute minute webinar you will:

  • Understand the four A's of higher adoption
  • Run through a case study of how these are applied in practice
  • Discover how you can relate the four A's to your circumstances
  • Participate in a live Q&A with Mike and Rick

  • Rick NigolMichael Grant